So, you’re thinking about having pictures taken. Maybe of your family, a son or daughter’s Senior pictures. Or, you haven’t had your pictures taken for some time and you want to update.

Step 1: What’s your budget?

Step 2: Start looking for a photographer that will fit your needs.

Ok that was the easy part, NOW……………………………..

Step 3: This is where the real challenge begins, deciding on a location.

You ask yourself, why do I need to decide on a location? Wouldn’t my photography know where to go? Well, the place they suggest may not be for you. Take time to talk about a small variety of locations, and hopefully you will agree on the best places.

Now what? Go on a hunting spree looking for “that place” to have your pictures to be taken.

You find the perfect spot, confirm with your photographer, then this happens. The day of your photo shoot, it’s raining cats and dogs. Oh no, your plans are ruined!! Maybe not, how about an indoors location?

Does your photographer offer an indoor location? They do but, you don’t particularly care for it. Next option, have your pictures done where you live. Hmmmmm!

And now the last-ditch effort, Can I reschedule?? Your photographer agrees and now the wheels are in motion. You are now able to get that photo shoot done and better yet, at the location you so much desired.

So when I say, It’s all about location, it truly is and everyone is happy.? The moral of the story here is; Be open, Be flexible and most importantly, Be Happy!!