Me in a Nutshell!

Imagine, you’re 13 years old in Jr. High School and you have to fill your schedule with an elective.

Well, that’s where this picture taking thing all started. I’m in homeroom and the teacher hands out a piece of paper with a list of elective classes on it. We’re all told to take it home and have our parents help us fill it out. That was the easy part, so I thought!

After sitting with my parents and much discussion, we all came to the conclusion that photography may be a good choice. After all, both of my parents loved taking pictures and I enjoyed watching them when the camera was in their hands.

So the following day, I head into school with my form all filled out and ready to get started. Not so fast, they said! Wait, what? We need to make sure there is space available for you, they said. Just a minor detail, OOPS!

As it turned out, it was thanks to my mom that she “gifted” me her little Instamatic camera to get me started.

I leave you with this. As the saying goes, The Rest is History!!!!!!!!!

Old Cameras

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